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Känsliga perioder i hjärnans tidiga utveckling beskrivs av Dr Clyde Hertzman, direktör för Human Early Learning Partnership

Mental calculation can be classified into two groups. One is the soroban method that uses the right brain. The other is the mathematical method that uses the left brain. In the soroban method of mental calculation, the right brain memorizes the patterns of answers processed. In this method, answers are stored in the long-term memory as intuitive images. The memorization method (which uses the left brain) that is commonly utilized for examinations only uses the short-term memory. There seems to be no wonder that 80% of the students at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have learned the soroban. This type of "brain power" is acquired through mental calculation training. People who start this training while still young are more likely to acquire this "brain power" effectively.


I like the sound of the soroban beads.
Friendly Enviroments
Very good
I can calculate faster
Soroban is useful

Benefits of Soroban

Ms. Kimiko Kawano at Nippon Medical School has demonstrated in her research that soroban users in high 'dan' (ranks) use their right brain in the soroban method of mental calculation. Inspiration, such as problem solving and invention, is said to come from the right brain. The "brain power" that enhances the shortest route for the thought process needed for problem solving is also developed there.

In addition, Professor Toshio Hayashi at Osaka Prefecture University emphasizes that the training of finger movements encourages synapses to be entwined with each other and constructs neuron networks. Inspiration creates new concepts and is one of the "brain powers" that is required in many fields.This is shown by the thousands of students who learn the soroban at juku classes. A high value is placed on the benefits of soroban which are listed below:


  • Ability to visualize and to be inspired (Inspiration)
  • Ability to concentrate (Concentration)
  • Ability to observe attentively (Insight)
  • Ability to process information (Information processing)
  • Ability to memorize (Memorization)
  • Ability to listen and read quickly (Speed reading and listening)
  • Develops mental calculation, which is the ultimate resource.


Provides a sense of achievement as one's proficiency improves.
Expresses large numbers simply and easily.
Leads to greater mental capacity.
Develops the right brain tremendously.
Fosters one's confidence in calculation.
Helps in developing the beneficial qualities of concentration, patience, and endurance.
Fosters a greater sense of numbers.
Instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when numbers are placed on the abacus.
Instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when numbers are placed on the abacus.

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What We Do

There is a training component called "mental calculation of figures read out aloud" (yomiageanzan). In this training, a problem is read out aloud while the student promptly comprehends and mentally processes it. It may seem like an outdated way of learning, but it actually trains the "brain power" of listening intently, or speed listening.

After soroban is introduced to the education, over 90% of parents are indeed happy with the outcome.
It can increase academic ability, concentration, humanity as well as communication ability.
Solving calculations one after another is like a repeating achievement of small success.It is extremely a good way to build a positive personality.

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